Employment vs. the internet

So today I came into work, and in addition to 6 new automated emails to my personal account, I recevied several actual business-related emails. Which is weird in the first place, since there is very little anyone in the company ever needs to communicate to me. Usually just whatever garbage they’re sending to an “Everyone” list. Which is what this was.

I guess there’s an exciting new security flaw in AOL Messenger that could theoretically compromise the security of our network, so the head of our IT department sent out an email to everyone in the company that first, since AOL Messenger is not approved software, it shouldn’t be on your computer in the first place, and if it is to please stop using it. This was fine with me; I try to avoid any software that has the letters AOL attached to it. Second, he said that any other messenging software, such as MSNIM, is also forbidden. This is my messenger service of choice, primarily because it is a built-in function of Microsoft’s browser. But, I’m now officially not allowed to use it. Third, he says that disallowing the use of messenger services should not cause an increase in email use, since personal email has been prohibited the whole time. This of course includes any service such as hotmail. Our CFO followed up on this saying “Consider this a formal written notice- anyone who is using any chat programs or ANY personal email while at work is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. “

Considering the unavailability of internet access through any other means, including email and messenger services along with access to the WWW, I do not plan to discontinue my use of the internet here at work. I will look into reducing the amount of unneeded email that is automatically sent to my personal account, but I don’t know if this job is worth it to me to give up internet access altogether. I will have to think about that.

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