Love Cruise – Why am I watching this again?

Watching the first episode of Love Cruise on Fox. Another “reality game show” where the object of the game is to try to find a good match while trying to prevent anyone else from being happy in love. Eight women, eight men, all considered “attractive”, all competing for affection from each other for two weeks. Of the eight women, I would not even approach five of them – at first glance only three of them seem like worthwhile people (in my opinion). One of the three caught my attention immediately – I found her particularly attractive even before she opened her mouth. Then within a few minutes I learned more about her as a person than anyone else on the boat, which may say something about the depth of character of the others, and she just became more and more attractive to me. Then, after three guys turned her down in just a couple of minutes and she was “forced” to be with what may be the only respectable guy on the boat (my opinion again) she confided in the audience that she expected it, since she has been considered unattractive all her life. I guess some boys took up barking at her when she was a girl, implying that she was a dog, then her husband divorced her, and her self esteem hasn’t finished recovering yet.

Now, forty minutes in, the woman considered most attractive by most of the guys (most likely due to the overdone breast augmentation) has said that she wished she was more like MY favorite. Then she made a big deal about it in front of everyone and all the girls agreed that my first choice had more to offer than anyone. In a few minutes, will I find out that they were setting her up to be voted off in the morning? I would gladly join her on loser island for the remainder of the two weeks. Sure, we wouldn’t win the cash prize and the trip around the world, but we’d have a good chance to get to know each other.

Well, it turns out they voted off the only couple that spent any considerable amount of time trying to make a worthwhile connection. If it goes on this way, I don’t expect the winners to be very happy together. Then again, perhaps only the foolish would expect happiness to be possible from a game like that.

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