I know… thousands of people do it all the time

I was about to brush my teeth and go to sleep, and I thought that maybe I should put on a CD to listen to while brushing, flossing, then trying to sleep. I knew it was late already, but I had a CD in mind, and I wasn’t really feeling tired yet. Then as I was looking through my collection of over 400 cds, some hundred or more I never listen to at all, several titles caught my eye and put a song in my ear. There was only a song or two on the album I was looking for that made me want to grab it (although with this one I normally listen to the whole thing), and I thought to myself that it sure was too bad that I couldn’t just put one track from this other album on that one…

Wait. I can.

I have a computer right there in the next room, and a CD burner, and lots of cheap, blank CDs. So then I started grabbing CDs that had at least one song that seemed to suit my mood today. I remember when I wouldn’t have considered making even a playlist just to suit a mood, but someone put the idea in my head at some point, and I guess it stuck. I ended up with 14 CDs, eleven of which I had a specific song in mind, and the others kinda generally suiting my mood. With the external CD Burner hooked up, I’m ripping songs from two CDs at once while writing this and listening to another.. All of a sudden I am actually making good use of my computer’s stability and processing power for something other than drawing comic strips.

In a moment or two, I’ll chop the end off a couple of songs, and maybe play around with getting some good transitions created. Actually, after playing around with this for almost an hour, I’m beginning to get a little drowsy. Maybe I’ll just chop these songs together, burn the disc, and go to bed with it playing. I love the freedom that this offers me. I love that I can use a computer to create something that doesn’t have to have anything to do with computers. I’m not using a computer to play a game or make a website or work on a spreadsheet or send an email or something else that remains fixed in the world of computers. I’m using the computer to create something that feels so much more real because it continues to have value and meaning when totally seperated from the world of computers. Because it is like so many things that I don’t even associate with computers.

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