Post-Straight mentality?

Blogdex let me know about this interesting article on a phenomenon that I have touched on before. People who have known me for a while know that I have a strange tendency to come upon an obstacle, and instead of researching and finding out how other people have overcome it before, totally re-inventing the entire process and coming up often with the same solution through totally different means. Usually I learn that someone had already figured it out in some incidental, unrelated way very quickly after completing whatever it was I came up with to solve whatever challenge I was facing. Like, if I kept getting bugbites without mentioning it here, I would have eventually discovered some ingenious way of treating them, and perhaps eventually have developed a cortisone lotion. As it is, I just scratch them.

Wait a minute. I’m way off track here. What I was meaning to say, was that I have previously addressed the issue of basically being straight, but having many gay characteristics, and being commonly taken as a gay man. There was quite a bit of discussion about it, in fact. I am not alone in being this way, though, and this article discusses the culture of people that is developing to have these traits. I found it very interesting, and based on the reaction I had last time I brought this up, some of you will be interested, too.

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