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Although this site tends to be less link-y than a standard blog, I have just submitted it to blogdex[link dead – now via] for indexing. If you have not seen blogdex , you should definitely take a look. It is basically an index of the most linked-to sites from the blogs that it indexes. So, if there is an interesting technical or political article that several people have noticed and linked to in their blogs, it floats to the top of the blogdex , and whether or not you read any of the blogs who linked to it directly, you get to see it. Blogdex also will give links to the sites that linked to a particular thing, so it works both ways.

If someone links to a site or article you appreciate, you can go back through blogdex to see who they are, look at their blog, maybe find even more things that appeal to you. It seems like a good deal to me. I don’t have time to read more than one or two blogs regularly, but I am certainly interested in finding the best new sites and information, as other people find them, and in taking my part in showing people where the good stuff is.

I have been considering a move toward including more brief comments with links in them. I see a lot of interesting things on the web, and showing you where I hang out in cyberspace can do just as much to tell you how I’m feeling and what’s going through my maind as trying to write it all out does. I am certainly not saying I will cut back on or stop the longer, more emotionally involved works, but they will be mixed in a little bit with links to the sites I’ve found interesting.

Maybe this will become more like a blog. Maybe I will revert before too long, and it will just be a journal again. Who knows?

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