Why can’t we fly away?

Well, last week I worked hard at cleaning this place up every night for the party. This week I’ll be working on getting everything packed up for the move next weekend. I hope I can pull that one off. I have to at least get my TV over there on Saturday; the Cox guy is coming to hook it up Saturday afternoon, and it gets shut off here then. I need to call Sprint Broadband again and schedule to have someone come out and get me hooked up at my new residence. They will charge me no less than $99 for the privelige of being hooked up at my new address, and they want to charge me an additional $99 to have them take the equipment down here. So, I’m going to see if I can find a friend with a ladder and some tools to get the thing off the roof here so they don’t rape me so hard for using their service.

All the other utilities (Power, water, gas) are turned on and in my name already. I should go over there and turn down the AC. Who knows that they have it set to. Probably going to cost me a fortune. I had to put down new deposits with all my utilities because my current accounts do not have at least a 12-month history. Only 11-month. So, at the end of July when I turn everything off at this house, I’ll get my old deposits back and be able to afford the deposits they just charged me. With any luck I’ll be able to convince them to give me back the new deposits at that time, too, which will be a real life saver. This reminds me that I’m supposed to get money from Woody soon. Theoretically, he got paid Friday, so I should be getting some money post-haste.

I want to just get out of this place. Not that I don’t like it, but … It’s starting to get on my nerves. Too many memories here that I don’t know what to do with. Too many things like last night’s party. Right now, I walk into the kitchen and I see a spread for a party that is still soo intact that it looks like the party hasn’t started yet. (Ask any of the atendees, and they may tell you that it hasn’t.) How do you think that makes me feel? I need to get all that stuff out of sight for the same reason that I had to get the engagement ring I bought for Melissa out of my possession after she gave it back to me. (“I couldn’t look at it. It made me think of you. You get in the way.” – Lisa Loeb, Firecracker)

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