On the subject of not bringing subjects up

I think I am beginning to understand why so many people who have online journals or weblogs only post brief messages. Or perhaps I am just beginning to do so. I think other people may do it because they only have a little to say. I find that I am censoring myself. Whether this is because I don’t want what I have to say to be public knowledge (a condition I do not condone; I do not truly believe that privacy exists, so why do I still want to guard mine?) or because I worry that when I post too long a comment, no one reads it, the result is the same, and it often turns out to be no posts at all.

I am doing my best to add at least short posts, but I have been making myself so busy lately that I have been kept from creating any really long posts. Soon though, I will find myself in a new form of asceticism where I cannot afford to do much more than sit around in front of my computer typing long messages out into the internet about whatever is skipping across my mind.

I have many things to say. I will be right back to say them…

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