Multiplicity of entries

Would you believe that this is the third simultaneous window I have open for entering text onto the site? I have so many things to say, and I very nearly went to bed without finishing them. One of them has been begun since last night before I went to bed, because I knew I had to wake up in the morning. I don’t have to wake up tomorrow morning. I have no plans. I guess I could work on the lawns some more, maybe clean up around the house, go out and see some movies, whatever, but I certainly don’t have to do it in the morning. I can stay up writing as long as I want.

This presents me with an interesting conundrum. Certainly this post will be done soon, and show up as a Friday entry, but will I be able to finish either of the other two active entries in the next 13 and a half minutes, or will they show up as Saturday entries? Does it matter? If they were intended to be coherent, they would be in the same post, right?

I suppose everything will work out fine in the end.

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