Home again, home again, jiggety-jog.

Went out dancing. Decided to have a few drinks. Just got home. If my typing is especially horrendous, or I seem to make not enough sense or be too honest, perhaps it is fair to blame it on the poison that still courses through my veins. Julie decided to come home a little earlier than I expected. It is two AM as I begin this, and I will certainly be noticably poisoned until a bit after three. We started out so late that we said we would stay for after-hours. Se did that, a little, I guess. I were there until 1:30 or so before we left, found a Taco Bell (Oh, delicious bean burritos), and went to our seperate homes. I tried to get her to come inside to munch down on her Taco Bell, but she said she had to share her cheese with her dogs, and wanted it to still be warm when she got home. Whatever.

I felt, as we were trying to decide where we should go tonite instead of the Buzz, that I needed to find someone to go to gay bars with. I can’t go to gay bars with Julie; she would have no one to pick up on there. She’s too straight. She says that when she went to the Crowbar, she didn’t have any fun. I can’t imagine that she would have a better time at a better gay bar. Maybe I need to look up some of my old gay friends to get out to someplace a little different. My Need Head shirt would certainly be effective at a gay bar moreso than it has been a=around straight people. I think to the straight, it smacks of desperation, whereas to the gay it is just another offer for a good time.

Towards the end of our session out on the dance-floor, after dancing with a couple of lesbians for a couple of hours (I didn’t figure that one out right away, but I did help them pick up another young lady before I left) I finally began to let go and have a good time dancing without trying to dance with someone. With is a very important thing to me, overall, but I think that for me it doesn’t have a lot to do with why I like going out dancing.

Tonight Julie kept asking me if I thought thid guy or that guy was hot and I had to admit that when i’m at a straight bar, I do my best to not look at the guys. To avoid fights, mostly. I don’t want some straight guy who I’m not interested in to get the wrong idea, just because I was looking at everyone, not just the women. Guys seem to understand it when you look at their laady, but when you look at them, it can become quite a mess. I am not looking to get into an undue mess, and if there is a guy I’m attracted to, I am certain that I could avert any difficulty, and possibly get some hot man-on-man action.

I dyed my hair blue again today. On the recommendation of my hair stylist, I did not shampoo it immediately (which the instructions tell me to do), but instead just rinsed it until the water ran clear. Apparently this allows it to soak into the hairs better and will help prevent fading. Hooray! I don’t know if the girls at the club tonight thought I had blue hair, or the more obvious black. The dye is so dark right now that without good lighting, it just looks black. In good lighting it looks almost Superman Blue (A black that, when it catches the light, looks blueish in hgihlights). It should fade shortly to a more reasonable blue, and then prematurely back to brown. I get plenty of sunlight, and the hair seems to WANT to fade. Oh well.

Getting tired. Going to bed. I’ll probably not be asleep for a while though.

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