There is so much and so little going on right now in my life. I have a nice corporate job doing something that comes easily to me. I maintain a website that allows me to express myself creatively through its own design and through the content I am producing for it. I have some interesting friends and some regular social activities that prevent me from being alone all the time, but I have my own space and time to myself when I need it. Yet despite this and all my other ambitions, I often have hours of time in which I just try to figure out what I should do for those hours. I know I have things to do. I often know of specific things and activities that I need to get accomplished, yet that I do not do. I do not know why. They often seem to be “little” things. Things that I do not have a priority for me. For one reason or another, they are easy to put off. Things like putting the Copyright notice back on the site. Or re-working part of the JavaScript to make all the pages load a little faster and to make updating the site a little easier. Or like taking out the trash or doing the dishes. These are things that can be done later. They will wait. The world will keep on spinning and lives will keep on living and I will still be around to do them tomorrow.

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