Cold again this morning

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

Yesterday I went to the State Fair and gave them all my money for a few hours’ entertainment. I took my girlfriend Addie and basically doubled the cost. Of course, since she was there, the amount of fun I had must have at least tripled. I won her a little brightly colored stuffed cow, which I later named “upholstered” by letting one of those guys convince me to give him all my money to throw a little ball. We went on the new ride, The Evolution, and while I was spinning around upside down I lost 50cents… oh well. I also got a cool paper bracelet which cost so much that I’m not sure I want to rip it off; it cost so much it must be worth a couple days’ wear and tear.

Cold again this morning, and if I hadn’t been wearing a T-shirt and shorts every day for the last few weeks I would have had trouble getting to school through the chilly air.


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