Very few repurcussions…

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

Do you realize that if I died today, very few repurcussions would follow? One of the most annoying is that I would not be attending the rest of the semester, but would not be available to officially withdraw. My grades would all drop to F’s, and even in death I would be a failure. Another thing that would happen if I died would be that my family would incur at least a few thousand dollars of debt, what with sky-rocketing funeral expenses. Even only with cremation the cost is no less than $1200. Since my family makes less than six times that in a year, this would only add to their misery. Of course, since they’ve already got tens of thousands of dollars of debt and seem to be doing alright, I suppose a few thousand more wouldn’t really hurt.

Then again, other than human misery and pain because of their irrational inability to deal with death, there really aren’t any other important side effects. My death, since someone somewhere dies (on average) once every one and a half seconds, would truly be unimportant. Bad grades, higher debt for my family, and any irrational mourning by the people in my life really isn’t that bad, and won’t really last very long after I’m gone. Since there is someone born somewhere every 2/3 of a second, there are plenty of people to take my place; I will not be missed if you look at the whole.

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