Reality for lease by owner

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

In an effort to sublet my portion of reality, which I do not use full-time anyway, I have had my legal department draw up some papers for a time-share lease on my allotment of reality. So then, I have to market it, find an appropriate buyer that will pay the right price and not misuse or unuse it. Which means that at this point, either I give the project to my marketing department, or I use my networking power to have some of my high-paid, high-power friends suggest someone which might fit well into my reality when I’m not using it, who would be capable of maintaining their relative sanity from the seemingly odd perspective of my reality. Of course, the main problem is not (necessarily) that my reality is enough to drive a man insane, but rather that to the untrained individual, living in a reality not their own is highly disorienting, even to the point of relative insainty, although my specific reality would drive even the most trained & experienced mind at least a little insane. So, if YOU know anyone with a high income and a strong mind that might like to sublet my reality, please say something.

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