My fingers seem to be numb…

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

My fingers seem to be numb, my writing a little slow; perhaps I should start wearing warmer clothes than a T-shirt and shorts. I noticed, as I rode my bicycle slowly to school (slowly only to reduce the speed of the brisk wind against my unprotected face and hands) that it was beginning to get colder and colder each morning, and that my hands were sending less and elss messages to my head. Perhaps, I thought as I began to lose not only vital feeling, but simple motor control, there should be something done to protect myself from the approaching winter. But how could I do this? Should I wear gloves, and if I do, will it help at all? In the past, my gloves have been ineffective until I have cycled several miles down the road, and now I have only about one mile to ride; should I don my gloves a few minutes or hours before I leave my home? Should I consider moving to the Saharan Desert, where it is nice and warm all year ’round, and I don’t need to worry about buying warm winter clothes? I have been planning on it, actually; as soon as I can afford it, I’m hoping to move to, if not the Saharan Desert, somewhere without a winter or a lot of humidity. I LOVE a dry heat, and even a dry cold seems out to get me.

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