Silly NaNoWriMo 2008 Post

Mostly “widgets” I think.  First, here you can see that Mandy is beating me (as I write this – the images below will update live as this goes on) by almost exactly 10k words:

And you can see from the two calendars below that while I apparently only hit the “goal” for daily word counts on Saturdays, Mandy has had good success with weekends, overall:


Ooh, and here’s a strange set of graphs, showing daily word counts vs. goals, scaled to our highest daily wordcounts.  I think that the goal (red) scales automatically to what you would need to be doing daily at each point to still reach 50k by the end, which is neat, and also why mine is creeping up and Mandy’s has been fairly steady:


And then we get into the regional numbers:

This year, “Easy Valley” broke off from “Phoenix”, taking 220+ writers (100+ of whom have actually put up word counts as of right now) out of the official Phoenix community for the first time.  A full third of Phoenix’s active writers, broken off – they think they’re so different, so “East Valley”, but look at them, right now they’re performing within 1% of Phoenix on a words per person basis!  We should have stayed one region and just had dual write-ins.  One Central PHX ML, one East PHX ML, and lots of opportunities for everyone to get together!  Heck, there’s been a further split, with “North Valley” people breaking off and having their own write-ins on my side of town!  This disintigration cannot be good for the “community” – we must stick together!

And then there’s the rest of Arizona, with Tucson (as always) leading in words/person, Flagstaff not far behind them, and both ahead of Phoenix and East Valley regions.  And then there’s that guy in Patagonia:

I think I’ve run out of things to say.  Time to go make dinner, I guess.  Happy novelling, everyone!