Opportunity cost

This is a post about money.  Over the years I’ve discovered that generally the “haves,” the people who have money, do not like to talk about it, not in any meaningful or personal way.  They find discussions of one’s own money to be distasteful, perhaps even vulgar.  The “have nots,” on the other hand, are not subject to this problem.  Perhaps there is some distinction we (the people who don’t have enough money) can’t yet see between talking about our own money and talking about other people’s money – because the “haves” have no problem talking about other people’s money and what they think should be done with it.  If you are among those who will experience a bad taste in your mouth reading me writing about my own money, either go away or become a benefactor/patron-of-the-arts so I can get out of this “have not” situation and stop bothering you by mentioning money.

Note: this post is over 2600 words long.

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