Opportunity cost

This is a post about money.  Over the years I’ve discovered that generally the “haves,” the people who have money, do not like to talk about it, not in any meaningful or personal way.  They find discussions of one’s own money to be distasteful, perhaps even vulgar.  The “have nots,” on the other hand, are not subject to this problem.  Perhaps there is some distinction we (the people who don’t have enough money) can’t yet see between talking about our own money and talking about other people’s money – because the “haves” have no problem talking about other people’s money and what they think should be done with it.  If you are among those who will experience a bad taste in your mouth reading me writing about my own money, either go away or become a benefactor/patron-of-the-arts so I can get out of this “have not” situation and stop bothering you by mentioning money.

Note: this post is over 2600 words long.

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First Video Promo for Dragons’ Truth

First, I want to start by saying that at the end of the video, there is a lie.  Or, as they say in the business world, a “future-looking statement.”  I say that Dragons’ Truth is available as an episodic download from Podiobooks.com – I have been too afraid, so far, to submit it there.  I don’t even know how long the process will take, from submission to getting online.  And even though I’ve read through all the documentation at least twice, the stress/fear-of-failure/fear-of-rejection I’ve been experiencing re: the whole thing has apparently made me feel like I don’t even know what to do to submit it.  Bleh.

But it is available in paperback, and as an audiobook on (MP3) CD.  And I got the packaging in today for the multi-disc audio CD sets.  Now I just have to wait on the new printer (which can print to MUCH smaller margins) so I can print the covers & inserts for those sets, and I’ll put them for sale, and this whole video will be true.

And yes, I’ll probably embed it again when everything in it is true.  I’m sortof just testing YouTube and my ability to make and post videos, right now.  This is my first attempt.  Yes, I looped the audio.  Yes, I know it’s a bit off.  I’m sorry.  Kill me.  I can’t afford a shotgun mic or lapel mic right now, and haven’t worked out a setup for my condenser mic that I feel safe with yet, and which looks okay on video.  I suppose the alternative is lip-syncing to pre-recorded audio, but … that’s a bit weird, too.  What do you think?