Weekend oddities

This weekend was somewhat interesting.  I’m in between running errands and recording for the audio version of Dragons’ Truth, so I don’t have a huge amount of time to post about it, but wanted to get something up.

I guess I could start with Friday; I received the last of my packages, and now I have near-studio-quality audio recording gear for doing audio versions of my books plus a MiniDV camera for doing internet videos.  I spent a lot of time shopping and researching and comparing things, and considering I got the camera itself for $150 (the price of the oh-so-popular Flip camera, but I get a much better picture quality and a much more versatile camera) and a pretty good deal on the audio gear, I think I did good.  I won’t be shooting in HD, and I don’t have a proper sound studio, but I’m going to be posting to the internet, so I should be okay for now.  Technique is what matters, here.

Saturday, since I needed to go to Pine to pick up a filing cabinet (hooray for family! Even considering the cost of gas, we saved over $100 vs. buying the same thing used), and Mandy had never been, I took Mandy to Arcosanti.  Further confirming that I married the right woman, her immediate reaction was “can we move here?”  I indicated that if we could find the $80k+ to get out of our debts, no problem, we can move there ASAP.  After browsing around the public areas, and after the tour (I believe I may have been a better tour guide than the apparent-first-timer we got), we headed the rest of the way up and around to Pine.  Picked up the filing cabinet (& all the art I’d had up there semi-on-display but not selling), stopped for supper in Payson, and came back home.

Church Sunday morning.  Grocery shopping.  A nap.  More nap.  Then when we were in the middle of watching a middling movie (Joy Ride), Heath walked in, having just bought Settlers of Catan.  Heath, Sean, Mandy and I – none of whom had ever played Catan in any form – all proceeded to play out the “basic” game.  It’s interesting.  It’s just another one of the way too many good games out there for which I generally have neither time nor companions to play.

Alright, that’s enough time on this, I’ve got some recording to try to do.