More than just dancing

I was out late, up late, last night. I didn’t roll into bed until 4, and I didn’t roll into sleep until after 5:30, if my trying-to-get-to-sleep-at-the-time memory serves me correctly. I woke up at first this morning at 10:30 and then lay in bed until 11:30. I’ve always liked taking an extra hour or so to just lounge about in bed before the day starts. I really makes things feel okay. Starting the day off slowly seems to help remind me that there is no real reason to hurry through life. No reason to “Save Time”; time is for spending.

Did I tell you I’ve basically finished my home hunting? That little house I wanted to rent, the one that was right in the neighborhood I originally wanted, the one that was $125 less/month then the next cheapest rental in even the extended area I was looking in, through some amount of finagling, will be mine. Because my work hours do not allow me to meet with the rental company offering it, I had to do some things out of order to get an application to them before anyone else’s and get it paid for as well. I have yet to meet anyone related to the house, though I have spoken to several of them over the phone. Regardless, within 24hrs of the time the first person was officially allowed to see the interior of the house, 6 applications (in addition to mine) were submitted. Mine was the first, and the first processed as a result, and (because I have “great credit”) it was approved first and I get the house. Hooray!

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Boring Site (5.2.7.-2)

If the site is boring it is because there isn’t enough new stuff, right? Not enough new comics, sure, but what about everything else on the site? What about the rants and the poetry and the stories and reviews and even just posts in our forums? I can do something about not enough new comics, I can take the time to put together new comics for you. Hundreds of them, with only a little whining (and that’s usually in response to someone else whining about me not updating the site enough). I can even take what’s left of my time and creative energies and try to squeeze out some Words or a review every once n a while, but that’s still not enough.

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