Oops, my new books are available

As I posted about recently, and as expected, my books are available now, well in advance of their “official publication date” of April 1st, 2011. They’re currently listed at full list price at Amazon, and at a 42% discount at Barnes & Noble, and they’ll be popping up at other online retailers’ sites in the next week or two, mostly between those price points. If you can’t wait, you don’t care about supporting me (the author), or whatever, you could order both trilogies right now. OR:

I’ll have my copies of the books this Thursday (March 10th, 2011), and will make them available for purchase from modernevil.com as soon as possible after they arrive. As detailed in my last post, I’m planning on offering them at the following price points:

  • $50 for both Untrue Trilogies, unsigned
  • $50 each ($100 for both) Untrue Trilogies, signed

No additional shipping/handling charges, sent via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation, packed and shipped by the author… signed & personalized by the author, if you pay for it. Is my signature worth that much? Maybe, but that isn’t the point: The point is to give people the option of becoming a patron / benefactor / philanthropist / supporter of an independent creator, rather than just a blind consumer looking for the best price. If you want the best price, currently $28.92 for the pair, go buy at B&N (or wherever), and I’ll get about $13.88 of that. If you order unsigned from me, depending on what shipping costs me (I don’t have the final weight of the books yet, and it depends on where you live, but it’ll be somewhere from $6-$11 for the pair), I’ll net $25-$29. If you order the signed copies, I’ll net $75-$80. See how that works?

Oh, and in case you didn’t read my last post (because it was over 2k words long?), you may have missed that I’m giving away FREE copies of the full Untrue Tales… series. You can enter right now on Goodreads, or you can go back and comment on that post and have a much better chance of winning. (Currently, I’m the only person eligible. Maybe I’ll win copies of my own books…)

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