One thing at a time? Nah…

I’ve heard rumor that other people, especially people who want to maximize … blah blah blah… attention, focus on one project at a time. I know of several authors who spent several years focused on marketing a single book, before moving on to their next project. For some of them, this was a successful way to build an audience. It’s not for me. I’ve put out 3 new books in the last ~4 months, in audio and eBook formats, have combined them for a print trilogy, have created a second edition of the trilogy that preceded those books, and before I even get those new paper books in my hand, I’ve already begun work on yet another new book/project. Here’s a video about it:

I’ve put the Kickstarter widget, which gives a brief image/blurb and tracks the progress of the funding, in the right-hand column of this blog and on the front page of, hoping that’ll increase its visibility. I’m going to be putting a brief audio promo for the project in all my podcast/books. I’m blogging about it. I’m Twittering and facebooking about it. I may become annoying about it in the coming weeks, depending on how funding goes.

To prevent being annoyed, please, pledge today. Tell your friends to pledge. Post the widget around. Surely, you know people who are interested in writing & publishing. Or people who like rainbows, beards, and/or suspenders. Show them my video.

Oh, and there’s still over a week to enter the contests to win copies of my the Untrue Trilogies, on this blog or via Goodreads. Because I can’t seem to do only one thing at a time.

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