First short story from new collection, available as an eBook

Last Thursday I put the first short story, Second Thoughts, from my new/upcoming collection (Time, emiT, and Time Again) on Smashwords. No one even downloaded the preview the first day (when it was most visible, on Smashword’s front page), and only one person previewed it the second day. So I raised the price from $0.99 to $1.99, since which time (ie: in the next two days) 8 more people previewed it. No buyers, yet, but we’ll see if valuing it at more helps.

You don’t have to pay $1.99 to read it, though. You can still have it for $0.99, if you like. Just use the coupon code MA67W when checking out at Smashwords and get this short story for half off. (Coupon code expires 6/30/2010, by which time I fully expect to have the full collection available in print.) Or, if you’re itching to pay $2 and/or love paper, you can still buy it as a signed numbered limited edition chapbook. Keep in mind, of course, that any backer who pledges $5 or more to my Kickstarter fundraiser will also get a chapbook – currently looking to be one of these Second Thoughts chapbooks (unless another 40+ people pledge in the next 25 days, in which case I’ll be making another story into a chapbook!).

What is Second Thoughts about? Well, it’s about a young man in love. It’s also largely about a timestop situation (ie: where the whole world seems to stop, except for one person, who keeps going) and the surreal experiences that creates. It’s worth a look – and you can read the first 1/3 for free.

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