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I’ve just ordered $160 in empty CD packaging.  ((*goodbye, money!  I’ll miss you!*))  It will be enough for up to 30 MP3 CDs and 20 AudioCD sets.  ie: they cost a little over $3 each, with shipping.  I’ve ordered super-premium cases for the single-CD products, and if the company offered multi-disc cases (they currently only hold max of 2 discs) I would have used them exclusively.  I ordered wallet-type holders for the AudioCD sets, since Dragons’ Truth will be four discs, and Lost and Not Found will probably be 12… Wallets was the best way to go without going custom and expensive.  To people who do “real” publishing and “real” productions, numbers these small seem like nothing, and the minimum order of 300 of the really nice, custom multi-disc sets seems reasonable and small.  To me … well, I sold a total of 6 books in the last 6 weeks (directly, through for under $70 in direct book revenue, and I don’t know how many audiobooks I’ll be able to sell, so spending $160 to order just the packages to put 50 audiobooks in is … a lot.  If those sell through, though, the profit will more than cover a re-order / bigger order.  If they don’t move fast enough, then it feels like money wasted.

Anyway, I spent about two working days’ worth of time just shopping through the various options for packaging.  Put me a little further “behind” my hoped finish time, but … since I have to wait for these orders to arrive before I can sell physical product, anyway… I suppose that’s okay?  Sigh.

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