busy Decembering

You know how December goes. Now add a wedding, a honeymoon, massive housecleaning, (to make room for) a move across town, (Mandy moving in here)… Two work Christmas parties with the requisite introductions – at one party I’m not Teel, I’m “Mandy’s husband”, at the other she’s “Teel’s wife” – and one big family Christmas party to go… Well, not counting the immediate family’s inevitable gathering on Christmas. And I have a crunch at work, Mandy is a teacher, so it’s finals and term papers for her, and we have somewhat non-overlapping time off for the holidays, so she’s also going to WY after Christmas without me, to… In case December didn’t feel full enough, yet.

Figuring out the money, paperwork for name changes, apartment changes, bank changes, figuring out closet space, bookshelves, duplicate DVDs, what to do when suddenly we’re being bad Americans and producing twice as much recycle as garbage (and if dad weren’t here, it would have been something like 10x recycle v. garbage this month). It’s challenging, but luckily I’m not actually overwhelmed. I had a little anxiety attack last month (sorry, that was a friends-only post), but almost everything has gone smoothly, or at least not debilitatingly.

Oh, plus spending time being the geeks we are, and doing things like watching I Am Legend Thursday at midnight in IMAX, and then seeing Blade Runner Final Cut at the Valley Art Friday night… Plus playing Super Mario Galaxy together. Because being geeky is important, but it’s a time-sink sometimes, too. BTW, the first six minutes of the new Batman movie (attached exclusively to I Am Legend in IMAX), bode very well for the rest of the movie. Awesome.

Okay, I have to go do more laundry, but wanted to make a post. So here you go: a post.

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