Filtering old junk mail.

((You know what else is (sometimes) great about using a Mac? When one application freezes up, stalls, or otherwise is struggling to keep up with me, it doesn’t necessarily prevent me from using other applications. Read: Mail is stalled and I’m typing this.))

So, I’m waiting on a spinning beach ball in another window (ooh, it’s already done), but I’m nearly done going through about a third of the junk mail left on my computer tonight. Which is huge, and has been a multi-hour job. When I started tonight, I had over 29,800 junk mail, and I’m almost down to 20,000. I’ve tried some new tricks (throw a “to” column in, sort by it, anything not to me is definitely junk), and I’ve been switching up working from the present back and from the oldest junk forward. I’ve found over a dozen emails from humans that I’ve apparently never seen. Sadly, about half of those were from 2004 and 2005, and replying would be … inappropriate. I’m not exactly Ringo Star. Another dozen or two have been automated emails I want to keep (signup emails from all the web 2.0 sites I’ve been joining with details, links, passwords…). And the other ~10,000 were actually junk. Sigh. I’m going to try to keep going until I only have 2006 Junk mail left to go through, then I’ll update this and let you know how many junk mail I have hanging around from 2006 alone.

UPDATE: Alright, well, I got to about 2:30AM, and I had from January ’06 through mid-February ’07 left to go through, which is around 17,000 messages. I guess that means I got nearly half of them.

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