Mmm… Hamigraine

Based on evidence available to anyone living in my head in the last couple of days, and especially in the last half hour, I feel confident concluding that the new ham has it well within its power to give me a headache, simply by being ingested.

I will conduct an additional Ham Experiment (Ham Experiment #4) tomorrow, in which I will test the control group of “No f_cking ham for lunch” to rule out the last possible variable: the pre-sliced Tillamook cheese. My “No f_cking ham for lunch” sandwich will likely consist of said cheese and a thick layer of bread and butter pickles, each of which I have eaten dozens of pounds of in the past with no ill effect. Then, perhaps this weekend, I will conduct the “Ham overdose” wherein I will just eat a handful of the stuff and see if my brain explodes out the back of my head.

Also of note: Much of NIN is incompatible with a headache.

(Of note to those of you who didn’t receive this as an email earlier today: I had a terrible migraine for about 8 hours on Sunday, starting a little while after the first time I ate this ham. It is the first real migraine I have had in a very long time, possibly since I had one triggered by some mocha flavoured ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery – to which I have not returned since. I don’t like migraines much. On the other hand, I may slowly be building up an immunity to the ham. Each day’s headache has been less intense than the previous day’s.)

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