Whoosh! There went another week.

Last weekend went fast, but this week may have gone by even faster, somehow. I was telling someone recently about how my perception of time wasn’t entirely normal, how the time from when I wake up Sunday morning to the time I get home from work Wednesday is effectively like a single moment in time. That it then usually takes a day (or a night, if I stay up late Wednesday, like tonight) to unwind from the time-compressed week. That I often lose half or more a day on Saturday, mentally crippled due to the impending work week. Such that what I was explaining at the time was that if I saw someone every weekend, it feels to me like seeing them every day. At the time I said it, I didn’t mean it quite as literally as it seems to have been for me, this week. But here’s another weekend.

I don’t have any hard plans… Maybe I’ll try to … illustrate … something … for Dragons’ Truth book cover? I don’t know. Maybe play video games for a change, try to relax. Try not to spend money. It has occurred to me that maybe I should try to write something instead of always only focusing on my already written books. I think it’s part of my conceptual idea for Modern Evil Press to have new books all the time. Alas. I probably ought to go to bed soon. I say this on account of Heath, my nocturnal, grave-yard-shirt-working brother just said HE has to go to bed. Oh well. No more terrible movies for tonight, I guess.

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