Where’s my shirt?

I have at least three more paintings done that aren’t on wretched creature, I just don’t have photos of them yet. ‘puppy___’, ‘SEX&LOVE’, and ‘eat to fill the void’ so far… Several others in progress…

Ooh, fun fact about the manic side of whatever’s wrong with me: my mind isn’t letting me sleep even though my body is sick and tired and sore and I need my sleep. Instead I’m doing things like writing this and getting weird ringtones onto my phone. I should have gone to sleep hours ago.

Although, it is pretty awesome getting the ringtone from Crank to finally work on my phone. Stupid Verizon. Always blocking what I want in the hopes that instead I’ll use whatever crappy thing they’re offering. Sigh. I think I’m officially past the end of my contract with them now, but … can’t reasonably do anything about it. Right now I’m on a family plan which means I borrow from a pool of minutes with my family and only pay $25/month for my share. Plus, my girlfriend is also Verizon, which means talking to her (which I do a lot of, generally, since she’s in another city most of the time) is free as long as I stay with Verizon. I hear rumor that since Apple is blocking Cingular from giving a discount on the iPhone they’ll be ‘giving away’ the service… if so, I may be able to afford to switch … assuming I have the money for the device when it hits. Anyway, my phone now sounds like it’s dying when you call, which is awesome.

And my throat hurts.

And I want to build a large, strange device composed mostly of metal and glass … as a sort of custom reverse-painting easel. Because I have a few ideas that might only be reasonably achievable with such a device. Ooh, it has so many uses. Well, really just one, but I can use it in so many ways while it does that one.

Alright, alright, I’ll sleep. Stupid work.

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