What I’m supposed to be doing…

I’m sure there’s things I’m supposed to be doing today. Things that are supposed to get done.

clean the kitchen
\–> run/unload/reload the dishwasher
\–> move the pantry to where the other fridge was

clean the living room
\–> vacuum

\–> think about taking Reggie his boxes

go grocery shopping
\–> milk, cereal, toilet paper, hamburger buns, frozen entrees, ice cream, fresh sourdough, refried beans, tortillas, fresh fruit, meat

go to the Anna Nalick concert in Tempe
\–> my boss gave me 4 free tickets, but I can’t find anyone else who wants to go. I like her music, and I know I have friends who do to, but I can’t get ahold of them or they’re out of town or whatever, and going to a concert alone (or with someone who doesn’t want like the music or doesn’t really want to go) is pretty depressing. So there’s sortof this obligation to go, because my boss could theoretically have given the tickets to someone else… but how big is the difference between wasting 3 tickets because I don’t have any friends (in town – several out of town who I suspect would attend) and wasting 4 tickets because I’m depressed about not having any friends?

do the laundry

clean around my computer

add all my books and CDs to my new library software
\–> put the list of DVDs, all already added, online

work on books, paintings, et cetera… and on and on and everything and ever after… and I should go get started, at least on grocery shopping, I suppose. Got to eat.

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