Artist’s Statement: chART number one, chART number two

Artist’s Statement:

chART number one and chART number two were created in direct response to the hundreds of hours I’ve spent in corporate offices surrounded by repetitive, emotionally neutral art, investing my creative efforts in building meaningful and visually pleasing images from spreadsheets which could never be appreciated outside the high walls of corporate security. I wanted to re-create the easy-going flow of some of my then-current faux abstract, richly colored, rough-stroked work within the same carefully controlled, straight-edged structure that Excel’s charting templates had restricted me to, generating tension and contrast between the two ends of the spectrum without taking either theme to its extremity. My struggle in trying to hold the balance between form and freedom, between the strict oppression of my day job and the empowering creative outlet that my after-hours painting provides, has quite intentionally created something that feels like it is almost unique but also intimately familiar, like a drawing of a celebrity.”

-Teel McClanahan III

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