Yes, I bought a car. No, it doesn’t run on air.

Pontiac Vibe - click to enlarge (~110kb)
(Click to enlarge :: ~110kb, popup)

Before I took my 5300 mile road trip to Washington DC and back to protest GWB&c., I bought a car. It’s a 2005 Pontiac Vibe, and as you can see from my slightly-retouched-cameraphone-photo, it’s not only red, but it sure looks like it’s going fast, even sitting still. Unless you’re my sister, and then you think it looks like a station wagon. Whatever, I like it. Good mileage, built from Toyota parts and based on a Toyota basis, plus lots of room (ie: I fit in it nicely) and based on my calculations I should have no trouble affording it (and the insurance et al). It doesn’t run on any alternative fuels, but cars that run on air don’t seem to have materialized in the USA quite yet… …so I’m still waiting on that one. But perhaps, sometime after my extended warranty runs out, I’ll work on modifying this thing to run on wasted potential and unrequited love and I’ll never have to stop for gas again.

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