please give me feedback on my new books page

I have not yet decided that it is “ready for prime-time”, I’m still making tiny adjustments to it, and I need to decide how to add the oh-so-exciting free-vacation-promotion I’m implementing to try to sell more books, but I’m linking you to the page now to try to get your feedback on it.

Please, please, please, take a look at this page and tell me what you think, or that you look at it and don’t think, or whatever comes to mind at all about it. If you’re reading this at instead of my LJ, on-page commenting is disabled right now (because something’s broken) so please email me your feedback. On LJ, feel free to comment away. Remember, a single word response is better than none!

The page is here:

The idea is to sell books. Right now, the various pages I have set up just aren’t selling the books, so I need something new. This is my new design. I hope you like it, and more than that, I hope it works.

Oh, and just for reference, it’s available to you now even though I haven’t announced it officially yet, I’m giving away vouchers good for a free 3day/2night hotel stay in your choice of 20 cities with the purchase of any book (or other CP product), and another voucher good for $500 in vegas (or reno) casino comps (or $500 in Annaheim/Orlando coupons) for anyone who purchases two or more books, or who spends $50 or more in the CP store. Now, I can’t have CP just ship these out with your products, but if you buy your books from me in person I can hand them to you, or if you order online just email me, let me know you ordered something (I’ll go to CP and check – they tell me what was ordered and the name of the person who ordered, but no other personal info) and where to send the vouchers.

No shipping or handling costs from me to get the vouchers. No timeshare or sales presentation when you go on your vacation. In fact, when you use your hotel voucher you have the option of signing up to receive coupons for awesome deals on future hotel stays. (Every one of those deals I’ve seen is better than the best deals for the same thing at||||expedia||travelocity by a good margin.)

Oh, and I’ll throw both vouchers in with any art purchase while I’m at it.

A more formal announcement is coming soon, but as long as I mentioned it in my post, I thought I’d elaborate a bit.

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