upgrades, repairs, and waiting

I don’t know if this will stretch to a long entry or be a frustratingly short one. I don’t know how much I have to say, or how much attention I’ll devote it between the other things I’m doing. Surely some. Because a goodly amount of what I am doing can only rightly be described as waiting.

As I type this I am waiting for all my music which is by an artist whose band or last name begins with the letter S copies from my old HD to my new one. I am forced to transfer my music in tiny chunks (not the stuff I purchased through iTMS – that stuff was backed up faster and easier than anything else in this procedure so far ‘today’) because a handful of the files are corrupt, and cannot be copied. I expect that they were corrupt when they were ripped or dl’d (my DVD/CD drive is on its last legs, though sadly my wallet informed me that that particular component would not be updated this month, and seems to have trouble reading discs sometimes.

Actually, I suspect that the three years of dust, dirt, hair, and who-knows-what else which I will have a chance to clean once I crack the case later will be found to have represented part of the problem itself. My only concern, and it is not too great, is that I do not have any thermal paste.

I kindof want to take a nap right now. Maybe an hour or two. Get my head on straight before tackling disassembly of my primary computer… What? You think I should sleep 8 hours? Bah! But the Maytag guy will be calling me in the morning to tell me when he’s “going to” show up later in the day, setting my expectations about how long I’ll be waiting for him. Oh, and I really want to get the kinks worked out of this new setup and still have time to maybe catch a movie with Zoe & Amy.

What new setup, you ask? Why, I’ve ordered 4 basic components for a relatively simple upgrade. 1) Mac OS X Tiger – This new operating system version in a fresh install should help significantly with speed and intermittent ‘pausing’ that my computer has been doing where it ‘locks up’ for a while, but then suddenly responds as though it had been listening the entire time bu tnot bothering to show you anything. 2) a 300Gb hard drive – to be installed internally in place of the original 60Gb drive which is nearly constantly full. 3) 1 512Mb SODIMM to be installed in the second of two RAM locations of my iMac – bringing it up to the system maximum of 1Gb of RAM. 4) a firewire hard drive enclosure – so that after I take the 60Gb HD out of the computer it is not a complete loss; it will live on as a semi-portable external HD, like the one I saved from my tragic 2003 Powerbook water spill and now gets to see (or play) all the latest bad movies and great TV shows.

Alright, it looks like everything that can be copied over got copied over … of course, I’m not planning on formatting the old drive any time soon (in case I find I missed a file or 1000), but it’s nice to get everything together before beginning. So, okay. Definitely going to lay down for a nap.

UPDATE: ***8:02AM*** Maytag repair man to fix dryer between 8 and 10 AM!

UPDATE: ***2:32PM*** This just in: Maytag repair man didn’t show up until half an hour ago, but the dryer is now fixed. Hooray for laundry!

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