Things I can’t post about

So, there’s the one thing that I’m not going to post about here OR in private/friends-only posts at least until something happens with it one way or another. I write a lot about what I’m planning, what I’m hoping, what I want out of this time or that experience, and for this thing I’m just going to try to let it take its course and see where I end up and THEN, MAYBE post about what happened. If you’re my good friend, you can ask me about it when we’re alone in person and I may tell you. It’s not a total secret. I just feel that not putting it here right now is the way to go.

And then there’s that the management and/or HR where I work may be checking up periodically on my website to see what’s here. I got written up a couple of weeks ago for visiting “non-work related” internet sites (Modern Evil included) – officially, the severity of the punishment goes from ‘none’ right up to termination, there’s no standard. According to the HR person who heard that I might have looked at my own website from work and had IT get a 30-day-log of every HTTP Request my system had made, the default reaction, whether I’d only visited one or two sites or many (I’ve visited many; for the last 9 months or so I’d basically had one window open to something interesting to read and the rest of my screen up for me to continue working at full speed while I read geek articles and what-not, so from the logs it looks like I would start ‘surfing’ as soon as I walked in and then sit there reading these web pages for hours at a time, and if I’m doing that, how can I be working?), the response of the company is ‘always’ ‘supposed to be’ termination. Luckily, I’m only just sitting on the verge of termination for at least the next 6 months there.

So: No posting about work. That above may be too much, you never know. Again, if you’re my good friend, you can feel free to ask me about it. I’d even use email or IM for this subject. Heck, if you’re my good friends, you probably already know everything I have to say about employment right now.

I don’t even want to think about my grandparents’ worsening condition, let alone post about them in detail. It’s not nice. Worse, I feel simultaneously glad that I’m not the one who has to do all the work and put up with my grandmother’s failing mental state day in and day out, I feel bad that I’m not doing more to help them out. And what productive thing is there to say about that?

I may post about stucco’ing later, or about helping Zoe move, but not now.

I certainly don’t want to post about the hub-bub surrounding trying to do something with my sisters this weekend for my birthday. One or both of them might read it, and then maybe start crying again.

But I’ve been working on cleaning the house this weekend. It’s starting to look reasonably good. Yay!

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