Results: first Single-Sitting-Book attempt

Single-Sitting-Book zip file

The above linked file is a zip file (created on a Mac, so email me if you have trouble with it on Windows) that contains three files. One is a PDF of the actual unedited text of the ‘book’ I was working on, Untrue Tales Book Three, which was a bit under halfway done when I stopped working on it. Another is a raw text file called ‘booklog’ which is a log I was keeping of when I was writing and my progress and when I was taking drugs or eating or using the bathroom – it was created for my own personal use during the course of the weekend, so I could be sure I ate appropriately, notice if I stopped urinating or something, see how long since I took pain pills, whatever, and it may or may not be interesting and/or offensive to you on its own. The third file, the “Combined Experience” is a PDF which combines the two chronologically, so you can read the novel I was writing and the log I was making of non-novel activities as they occurred in the text (approximately; I did not do the integration until yesterday, and the log was not quite complete enough to be 100% accurate) and get the full picture of my first Single-Sitting-Book attempt experience.

The PDFs have been formatted in a faux-galley layout. If you print them out as they are, single-sided, you can read all the pages in order as though you were looking down on an open book. The pages are numbered for your convenience. Unlike some of my previous PDF-book releases, this one should be easy to print out and read on paper.

It’s important to realize that this is NOT a finished work. There’s a lot more to come, not the least of which is the duel between Trevor and Satan and how Trevor and his companions cope with the unexpected result. Since I never intended for there to be a sex scene in this book, and am not 100% clear on what the future implications of what happened in the one that wrote itself into my mind against my intentions…. I may think about removing that and completely re-writing Nirgal’s experiences. But that’s hard to say. Another thing I’ve considered is re-arranging things, so Nirgal’s comes first, to create a different sort of dramatic tool than irony, but it depends on how things come together in the 1k-2k words after where I stopped. Anyway, there could be major changes to what has already been written, or none at all (save for spelling and basic sentence structure, perhaps making dialogue punchier and more realistic in places), this is the untouched first draft, poured straight from my head. I recommend reading it combined with the booklog.

Also, if you haven’t read Book One and Book Two, you may want to do so before attempting this one. I don’t bother re-explaining everything.

Ugh. I ought to be sleeping.

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