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It’s weird. It’s only 4AM and I’m getting tired. Being sure I’m up at 7AM in time to go to [unnamed all-day event I’m attending today] is why I took modafinil in the first place. The idea is that it’s easier to stay awake than to wake up early. Now, based on my previous extended uses of the drug, there’s a strong correlation to not eating right or at the right times, but (of course) I haven’t felt hungry, and actually I feel really really full after a few cookies almost an hour ago. So if I still feel full in another 15, 20 minutes, I’m going to eat something proper anyway. I have some leftovers from dinner last night.

. . .

Okay, that was like, an hour ago. I don’t feel full anymore, but I don’t feel nearly as sleepy. And I haven’t got up to eat yet. I’m writing a review of sorts in another tab and watching The Pelican Brief. Which reminds me…

I noticed a couple of hours ago, while watching Primal Fear, that I don’t much like ‘lawyer movies’ – that is, movies based on Grisham’s novels and those like them. Which, I think, both of these movies are… which might be why they’re next to each other in my Netflix queue. I did some stream of consciousness queueing when I first signed up, adding 500 movies just by riding the waves of titles and ‘similar titles’ and ‘recommended titles’ and ‘titles with something alike’ and so on, and except for inserting the occasional new release or personal recommendation to the top of my queue (such as Downfall, which came out on DVD last week and which I didn’t get a chance to see in theatres), I pretty much let that random-like stream of movies flow in to meet me.

But I’ve got off course. I don’t mean to say I dislike these lawyer-type movies; some of them are quite entertaining, as movies. But it occurred to me that … well, I can’t think of one I ever liked so much that I bought it. And I didn’t trust my memory, so I went through all 300 or so of my DVDs to check, and not one of them is one of these lawyer-type movies. I know I don’t like the judicial system that much, but this is a weird pattern. Of all the lawyer/trial based movies I’ve seen, I can’t think of one I’d like to watch again or own.

Which, upon quick reflection I thought might relate to why I didn’t like Chicago much.

But then again, after realising the problem and watching Richard Gere doing the same song and dance in Primal Fear that he did so much more ostentatiously in Chicago, I think I might give Chicago a second chance. Upgrade it from a movie I dislike to a movie I just don’t like.

There is a real difference.

Well, my movie is over. I think I’ll get some breakfast, freshen up a bit, re-dose on modafinil, get dressed, and go to that [unnamed event].

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