power, wealth, fame, the achievement of personal goals, a family of your own, or maybe just making it through one more day?

What are your success conditions for life? That is, what conditions need to be met for you to consider your life successful?

I mean, for other things, for specific goals, I can see it. If my goal is “write a novel” then when I’ve written a novel I’ve succeeded. If my goal is “don’t worry, be happy” than as long as I’m happy and worry-free, I’ve met the conditions of the goal.

I’ve currently got the goal of creating a complete, playable video game by the end of the summer, preferably with a version compiled for the GBA platform. I’ll know I’ve met it if, before the end of the summer, I’ve got a complete, playable video game. The fact that I have a playable version of it with all the features I considered to be ‘core features’ already working is a good step. Getting to the further goal of creating a working version on the GBA is a challenge I haven’t begun to face, but I don’t consider that to be a success condition of the overall goal, more of an additional goal.

I also have the goal of writing, editing, and putting in print the third book in the Untrue Tales series before the end of the summer. I haven’t started that yet, but … depending on other factors, I may be able to achieve that goal in a weekend.

I also have the goal of getting a literary agent to represent me by the end of the year, and the sub-goal of compiling a list of 50 agents I would like to query, agents I would like to represent me, and begin sending out query letters before my birthday in September at the very latest.

And if I finish the video game, heck- even finish it for the GBA, before the end of the summer… And if I finish book three in the same period… And if I not only get a very quick and positive response back from one of more of the agents I send query letters to, but actually sign with an agent before the year is out… If I do all these things, meet all these success conditions, am I successful? Is my life successful?

Maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s money and a house and a car. Things. Well, I have those sort of goals too. I just posted about them.

I’m going to try to pay off one of my three debt accounts by the end of the year (or so), so I only have the two active accounts remaining.

I may end up trying to buy a place of my own, a condo or a small house, around the beginning of the year. ((or maybe I’ll just rent for a while, or maybe I’ll take up some friends who offered to let me live with their growing family))

I keep looking at getting a car of my own, looking at prices and then trying to figure out actual ongoing costs such as payments, insurance, gas, maintenance et cetera, not because I have any real desire to go further into debt, but to remove the dark cloud that hovers over the car I’m using now – it isn’t mine, I’m using it out of the courtesy of my father, and that right could be taken away without warning or cause at any time. It wouldn’t be a wise financial move, especially if I were buying a house on my own with my current income, but it’s within the realm of possibility.

Anyway, if I were living in a place I owned, driving a car I owned, and had my debt more under control (besides the car and home loans, of course), would my life be successful?

Or perhaps it is love, or the appearance thereof? If I were in a relationship that didn’t break any laws or vows, and it lasted for more than a couple of months, perhaps even turned into co-habitation and/or marriage, is that it? Is that the success condition of a life? A relationship, companionship, marriage? To love, and be loved in return? Even just to be tolerated by someone ‘more than friends’ year after year…?

Maybe it’s something else? Is believing in Jesus Christ a success condition of life? How about being baptised? What about being baptised in the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues? What about becoming a Muslim? What about becoming a Clear or OT?

Is a High School diploma, a college degree or a doctorate a success condition for life?

Is it the children I father and/or raise? And if that’s it, am I only successful if my children are successful?

What conditions need to be met for you to consider your life successful?

Are you a success, or a failure?

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