Numbering my weekend

(I would have had this online earlier, except there was some bad news in my neighborhood tonight)

3 – number of movies I saw on Friday, the day they were released in Phoenix*
34 – approximate number of hours I worked on my GWB art-piece this weekend
312 – number of characters I stenciled onto tape, cut out, and then spray-painted this weekend**
3300 – minimum number of cuts I made with an X-ACTO knife this weekend***
1200 – number of mg of modafinil I used over the course of the weekend
6 – number of hours I slept Sunday, despite at least 200mg of modafinil in my system
4 – number of characters I created stencils for that did not get used****
4 – number of days before the paint is completely ‘cured’ and I can work on the piece again
1600 – estimated number of tiny screws to be screwed into the piece*****
14 – number of “DVDs” I “watched” this weekend******
2 – number of movies I saw this weekend that made me cry
129 – number of dollars someone paid this weekend for a rustic/natural-form end table I built last year in Pine
0 – number of copies of the new Harry Potter book I bought*******
162 – number of people who requested the new Harry Potter book from my library before I put my request in
335 – number of people who requested the new Harry Potter book from my library before it was released
101 – number of people who are still ahead of me on the request list at the library, as I write this
2 – number of tasks I performed this weekend that required me to put my beard in a hair tie to keep it out of my work
0 – number of times I’ve put my beard in a hair tie before this weekend

*Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 12:01AM, Me and You and Everyone We Know, 2:00PM, Wedding Crashers, 10:00PM

**This includes whitespace characters between words and quotes – there were 312 spaces on the ‘grid’ I created for the piece.

***Actual number of cuts may be as high as 6000, but I didn’t count ’em all…

****I created stencils for the entire alphabet, plus a period, a comma/apostrophe/quote, a question mark, and the number 2. I did not use the letters K and Z, the question mark, and the number 2. My original quotes were longer, and there were more of them – the quote with the question mark was cut entirely by the time I went to the board, and I had to stop another quote after the 11 and before the 2001.

*****The screws’ heads are approximately one-eighth of an inch in diameter, and their shaft is approximately one-eighth of an inch long, making them very difficult to work with and little room for error.

******Two of these were not physical DVDs, but movies streamed from my computer. This does not include the Chronicles of Riddick, which I “watched” the first hour of before I was interrupted. I put “watched” in quotes because except for one movie watched at a friend’s house, I was working on my art project during all of them, so my eyes were not on the screen most of the time. I watched: Forget Paris, Far and Away, Stargate Season 1 Disc 1, Gattaca, Matchstick Men, Cinderella Man, (half of The Chronicles of Riddick), Hostage, The Village, Vanilla Sky, Night Watch, Blow Dry, and All the Pretty Horses.

*******I started reading them late, right before Goblet of Fire came out in paperback, and so I bought them all in paperback. Thus, as I want a matching collection, I do not buy them when they come out. Instead, I check them out from the library or borrow them from a friend to read right away, and then patiently wait for the paperback.

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