my iPod is full of emptied music

A lot of the music on my iPod that is the most played and the highest rated is music about being lonely, about missing someone or losing someone or never even really having the chance to be with someone, or even just about being alone and wishing there was someone out there to be with. And for a long time, this was reasonable, something I felt, something I identified strongly with, there were people I missed, longed to be with, and lamented the loss of. And these songs would come on and the emotions would well up inside me and it was a good thing, because I like feeling.

But now I’m thinking I need to figure out how I want to re-arrange my music, because I don’t have that longing anymore, I don’t miss any of those people any more. I hear the songs, I still like many of them, but the emotional response simply isn’t there any longer. There are still songs on my iPod I have an emotional response to, but … I’m finding more and more of the songs I used to respond to, songs about love and longing and distance and missing, just don’t do anything for me anymore, and there’s a lot of them.

There’s a storm a’brew’in.

Outside and in.

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