blame it on everything but the rain

Last week the lightning from a storm set fire to my neighborhood.

Tonight the storm downed several trees in the area and broke a large branch off the tree in our front yard and tore one of the sheds in our yard free from the ground and tore it up and whipped a sheet or two of the as-yet-unstuccoed styrofoam insulation from the side of the house and knocked out power to the entire neighborhood for … well, estimates around 6 hours, or until around 12:30AM.

Now it’s possible I missed a sand-storm, but I figure if I missed it it wasn’t catastrophic enough. So we should have sand or stones or “earth” otherwise attacking the neighborhood soon, and flooding. Fire and Air have already attacked.

Hopefully after that there’ll be catastrophic love in the neighborhood. That … that is a mess I don’t mind cleaning up after.

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