another hour, another wretch like me…

Oh yeah? Well, I bought a new domain name today, too! And I could talk about mine if I wanted to, but … I don’t have anything to say about it yet. In fact, while I had a clear idea in my mind at the time of the order, what I plan to do with it has changed three or four times since then, so we’ll see. But a domain name costs about as much as one of the big, hot, fancy coffee drinks I like to order – and I stopped going out for coffee a while back, so we’ll pretend that wretched creature is just another cup of coffee, eh?

Still a bit of a cough, a hoarseness, a coarseness, a pain in my throat. Still not getting enough sleep.

I watched the streamed QT feed of the keynote tonight on my TV via the exciting new Monster cable I bought which allows me to mirror my iBook directly onto my TV with a single cable. Considering the whole thing was being downloaded live, broken into tiny little pieces flying through the air over my head and re-assembled in my iBook (ie: Airport; wireless internet), then passed through a special cable to my stereo and thus to my TV (and stereo speakers), it looked pretty darn good. A lot better than, for example, last years streamed keynote, in a much smaller window, on my iMac’s screen. What keynote, you ask? Why, the one where Apple announced that it would be switching from PowerPC to intel processors, of course.

So the question to work out between now and the end of 2007 (when Apple expects to have its entire line of products entirely switched to intel processors) is whether my next computer will be the last of its kind, and stagnant (ie: the last iMac before iMacs become intel, for example, and unable to run ‘new’ software that comes out a year or two after it is bought), or do I wait until the model I want (not clear in my mind yet, this laptop is only 7 months old, and my iMac still has legs) is intel-ized? It is a philosophical question of sorts. The computer will definitely be able to do everything it is capable of doing at the time it is purchased. The mental problem arises when we are compelled to “upgrade” and get the latest versions of things. Do we ‘need’ these new functions, was the computer simply an unsatisfactory stopgap before, or can we leave the computer the way it was, and be just as satisfied with it for years, as it continues to perform exactly as was originally expected?

I shall think on this.

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