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Okay, so. I have two tickets to the Nine Inch Nails concert at the Marquee Theater in Tempe on Saturday night, May 28th, and I have not yet selected someone to go with. Would you like to go with me? I’m going to try to run a contest-of-sorts to select a companion. Well, actually, I left a voicemail for a person this morning who has first dibs, so if they get back to me and are interested, they get to go and the contest is off, but I’ll update here to let everyone know whether that happens. ((I have my doubts.))

The contest is simple**: Whoever gets the most of my books sold between now and 11:59PM (Arizona time) on Friday, May 27th, 2005 wins. ((For the purposes of this contest, electronic copies of my books do not count, because there is no way for me to verify who purchased them.))

I have six books available right now, four are $15 each and two are $20 each. You can buy them from me in person if you live in the Phoenix area (and save from paying shipping costs), or you can buy them online through You can buy them yourself or refer friends or strangers, and as long as they let me know that you were the one who referred them, their purchases will go towards your total. If you are not directly involved in a transaction by a person you have referred, you must be explicitly named by the purchaser for the books to count towards your total. You could even buy multiple copies of books yourself with the intention of re-selling them later. I don’t care, I just want books sold.

The six books, in the order I wrote them, are as follows:
(# I have on hand to sell in person, in parenthesis)

The Vintage Collection, $15 (1 on hand)
Lost and Not Found, $20 (4 on hand)
Dragons’ Truth, $15 (1 on hand)
Untrue Tales Book One, $15 (6 on hand)
Untrue Tales Book Two, $15 (10 on hand)
Untrue Tales, Books One and Two combined, $20 (4 on hand)

Of course, for online ordering, there is an infinite number of copies of each book available. In fact, try to sell an infinite number of them! You’ll surely win! As a side bonus, I have a standing offer to anyone that for every 5 of my books they buy/sell-by-referral, I’ll give them one of my books of their choice (including future, announced titles) for free*. For the purposes of this contest, I will even count these free books towards your totals.

To clarify, a book is not considered sold until I have either cash in hand or a credit card has been processed through the website. Returns will be frowned heavily upon, especially if they come after the concert. The Book One & Book Two combined edition of Untrue Tales From Beyond Fiction is considered to be only one book for the purposes of this contest. Pre-orders of Book Three ($15) and the Books 1-3 combined edition ($30) of the Untrue Tales From Beyond Fiction (expected Summer ’05) will be accepted, as long as cash ends up in my hand; these pre-orders are non-refundable.

Also, I don’t actually expect very many people to even try to win, so you may be able to win with a number as low as, say, two or three books, which could be less than the cost of the concert ticket (~$42) I’d be giving you for free. It’s worth a shot, and you get some groovy books to read for your trouble.

Good luck!

* Note: The one free for every five sold offer is continuous and will continue after the end of this contest for anyone interested, and until such time as I randomly decide to stop offering it.

** Note: There is a second, much less simple contest running simultaneously, and if someone wins it, the simple book-selling contest is effectively void, as completing the second challenge will be considered the equivalent of selling 2,000 books. The second challenge is also simple (on the surface): Find Amanda, and get me in direct contact with her.

Theoretically, if you have the contacts and resources, this challenge could be quicker and cheaper than the book-selling challenge. I don’t care if you lie, cheat, rob, steal, hack into protected databases, hire private investigators, or commit other dastardly acts to try to win either contest – I am not liable for your actions, you are solely liable for all your actions. The deadline to get me in direct contact with Amanda is the also 11:59PM (Arizona time), Friday, May 27th, 2005. Direct contact includes live in-person meetings, live videoconferencing, and live communication via voice (such as by telephone or VoIP), wherein I am personally able to verify that I am speaking with the person I have been looking for. Other forms of contact may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Good luck!

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