living dying

fever’s down. headache’s basically gone. throat only hurts when I cough. sinus/nose productivity is only about 10-15% above normal output. coughing is intermittent and almost entirely unproductive, though still burning. breathing feels normal, though when I’m laying down I can sometimes hear fluid in my lungs, but I think it’s all at the top, stuff that drained from my nose. lots of appetite. the rash (did I mention the rash that began with a constellation of tiny, tiny red dots in my left elbow?) spread further, now up and down about 9 inches on the left arm, down my entire inside right forearm, up the right bicep on the body side, and when I woke up this morning and showered, I found some on the backs of my knees.

But I’m lethargic, light-headed, and having trouble concentrating, so, while I had to go to work today because of the attendance policy combined with my lack of medical insurance (if you’re out of work for three consecutive days, they don’t let you back without a doctor’s note releasing you back to work), I didn’t get a whole lot done. There’s a type of work only I do, so I did all of that that was there, and I tried to keep working, but I kept feeling like I was going to pass out… like I feel now… so I went to request the rest of the day off, and just seeing me, my bosses scooted to the furthest corner of their office and covered their faces and shoo’d me away home. I think it was the rash. Oh, and one of them has a wedding in a couple of weeks she doesn’t want to be deathly ill for. Anyway. Unless I feel awesome tomorrow morning, I don’t work until Monday, so I should have time to heal.

I’ll go make a little post about NIN, then go sleep.

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