i’m not dead yet

still have an intermittent cough. survived the NIN concert – took my sister who doesn’t like NIN or industrial music or anything that was going on at the concert – but had a reasonably good time myself. I wrote a few words in a paper journal about the experience, I may adapt and re-post them here later – they’re not exactly about the concert, more about being totally alone in the world. I used 26 hours of PTO last week being sick, and by now my department is totally overflowing with a backlog of work. Plus one of the regular employees is out on vacation this week. I have to work “early” tomorrow, because the company isn’t open as late as normal for the holiday, so I’m going to bed post-haste, so I can get up at, like, 6AM. It’ll probably take me a couple of weeks to get the department caught up, and then I’ll continue to not get any recognition for working harder than anyone they’ve ever had working there, because I’m apparently invisible.

Did you know that things cost money? It’s beginning to be a hassle.

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