Amanda update – anyone have a account?

From my Amanda page, the latest update on the search:

5/18/2005, 08:49: Still no one from myspace says they recognize Amanda. But last night I did new searches on and for Amanda King, and found this profile (login required to see it at all), which has her name, Oregon as her state, and her birthdate. Now, they want $36 for a year membership, minimum, to view the other details of the profile and/or to email her – it’s possible that I’d pay the $36 and get a dead/out-of-date email address as my only result, so I’m asking everyone whether they have a account they could use to look this up for me. I’ll update here as new information comes in.

So. Do you, or does anyone you know, have a paid account at that you/they might be willing to use to get me the additional information from that profile and/or send an email on my behalf (or just get the email address to me, if that’s possible)? If I don’t hear from anyone before my next paycheck, I’ll probably do the stupid thing and pay for the account myself.

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