a modicum of exhaustion

So, one drawback of doing strength training is that it means that there’s always going to be some part of my body which is sore and/or weak on a given day. My body also seems to really, really need a full eight hours of sleep every night now, too. I shall have to figure out how to accommodate it.

I haven’t been writing much lately. I need to work harder on keeping up on that. I keep playing video games or napping on my lunch and breaks… Did I mention I bought a Nintendo DS, and that it is awesome? Yeah. Awesome. Yesterday at lunch I nearly hyperventilated just to score higher than 30 on a particular set of Wario Touched microgames. You know, because they were all wind-driven puzzles. I love interacting with a game by touch and with my breath. Some games are already working in voice recognition and recording, too.

See how distracted I get? I was trying to write a paragraph ABOUT writing and got to writing about playing video games instead. That’s pretty bad. I’m only about 15%-20% of the way through writing the first draft of the ‘sin eater’ novel, and I haven’t started on Untrue Tales Book Three yet… and I’d sortof like to get them both edited and avialable for purchase by June. Which gives me about four weeks. To write 1.8 books. No problem, right?

Well, depends on my focus. Working out is taking up a lot of time and energy right now. I hear rumor that’s supposed to turn around after a while and it’s supposed to give me renewed energy, but … I’m not there yet. And I took some time off writing to read. Read The Time Traveller’s Wife and Only Begotten Daughter, both good books. Both gave me some thoughts about what to do with the novel I’m writing (and my life, in some ways), but once they were done I didn’t just leap back into writing… and I’ve spent a little bit of time working on art, which is fine… it’s mostly been while I was watching Netflix’d DVDs.

Okay, I’m totally rambling now. Did I mention that parts of me I know I didn’t work out have been getting tired? Like my legs, and my mind? But I think the next scene in the book will be a flashback, and I think I know to what. So I’ll try to get it written tonight at the Willow House, after I finish losing at Scrabble to Pat.

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