24-Hour Comic weekend passed

Hey! It’s after midnight, meaning the weekend is over and I managed to go the entire time without even picking up a pencil to TRY to draw a 24-hour comic once! Yay! Wait, yay?

I dunno.

Maybe yay.

I did other stuff. I wrote a couple thousand words of novel, I saw a few movies, hung out with friends and family, got some shopping done … new jeans, new wallet, new socks and underwear… color ink for my printer, which says it may run out after a time – I never like to be in the middle of printing something and run out of ink, so I buy pre-emptively. I bought a copy of the new DS game, Polarium, which was on sale for $23, and in a few weeks when I buy my DS, I’ll be able to play it – it was a sweet deal, though, and reduces that amount of money I’ll be spending at once when I buy the game system and several games by putting some of the cost on this paycheck.

Money seems like it’ll be okay… I think I’m safe.

I’ll re-balance in a few days to be sure, but I think I’m okay.

The teeth they worked on still hurts – I’ve got that cleaning/checkup still scheduled for Thursday, though, so if I’m still having trouble I’ll let them know. And if they didn’t get it right, I’ll make sure they fix it without charging me more, and I’ll let you know who they are so you can avoid them.

I’m tired. I think I’m going to go start a load of laundry, read a chapter of the book I’m reading, and sleep.

This just doesn’t seem to be my month for comics.

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