Is this weird?

I’m typing this while my iron warms up.

I slept in this morning until… oh, 9AM. Then went to the bike shop and bought my bike back (ie: paid for the repairs/tuneup I’d asked for) and took it for a little spin around the parking lot (okay, a big spin, it was a WalMart shopping center parking lot) to be sure it felt okay, which it seems to. Came home and ate breakfast and chatted with a friend online for a couple of hours – that was nice, but then she went *poof* and didn’t come back, so I went out to the local Starbucks to write.

It didn’t go mega-ultra fast, though… I suppose I took half an hour off to talk to Heath (thanks for bringing the AC Adapter, or my laptop would presumably have died after only a couple of hours) and at least another half hour between several rounds of trying to decide what to drink and many, many trips to the bathroom to let all those drinks out…. but I was at the Starbucks for a little over 5 hours and wrote … 4191 words or so. Hooray! Almost the 1k/hour of my good NaNoWriMo rates. Then I walked across the street to see that there weren’t any movies I wanted to see starting within 90 minutes, then I walked home.

And while I was walking home I was thinking of what I’d do here. And I got excited when I thought “Ironing! I can make my clothes flat!” As I thought about it, it occurred to me that maybe I could even watch some DVDs while I ironed! Woo! What an excellent follow-up to a hard day of writing, I get to IRON! Yay!

So, I guess I’ll be staying in tonight. But I’m going to have my laptop here, online, and my phone on hand, so … you know, if there was anyone in the world who wanted to actually communicate, it’s not like in a little closed bubble of ironing bliss. Having friends is even better than ironing, in my opinion.

But ironing is pretty good, too.

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