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Tonight has been good to me. The day was not a loss, not at all. After watching The Shining (what was the point of that, again?) and playing a little bit of Metroid 2-player with Heath (not sure what the point of that was, either, but in a different way), instead of trying to go to my room (where I am now) and trying to write, I got bit by the “leave the house” bug and went to the local Starbucks to write. The bug was either the source of or a symptom of the inspiration that seems to have struck. I got 2435 words written in under two hours. This is very fast for me. Yesterday I got only 1733 words written in … around 4 hours. Usually, when I’m “in the zone” like I was tonight, I average around one thoudsand words per hour worked. So 2435 words in less than two hours was very good. AND it got me out of the sex scene.

Perhaps my favorite sentence written tonight was this: “Suddenly he felt the head of his penis pressing hard and hot against the eager, lusciously lubricated lips of Elle’s vasoactive vagina.”

(Possibly only because when searching for a word, I came up with – and used – vasoactive.)

The sex scene I’m in the transition of working my way out of did not turn out to be as long as I’d aimed for, depending on how one calculates it. It looks like, from the point where their hands are on each other until the time Trevor disappears instantly, magically from the scene is 6583 words. If you count from the time the three of them arrive in the bedroom until the time Trevor leaves, it’s 8849 words “in the bedroom”, and if you count from the time they enter the bedroom until where I am now, it’s 10644 words – and I haven’t resolved the bedroom scene, exactly, and I think Trevor (and probably Sunshine Charming with him) will have to return to the “scene of the crime” where Kay and Elle are paralyzed and possibly dead, respectively. So, my goal (which I set from just before they moved from the dodgeball court to the bedroom) of 10k words was either far short or just fine. Especially if you consider that Kay is still having an orgasm and both young women are still naked.

Anyway. Did good. Feeling good.

Slept in (too bad I can’t do that tomorrow), sent a long email to a friend, then chatted for a long time with her – that was all very nice. Procrastinated writing this way and that and then put in The Shining, since watching a movie is an excellent procrastination tool. Chatted with Heath, played the video game a bit, more procrastinating … oh, and all through the day I was doing laundry – I actually got it all washed and dried. Yay! So part of why I needed to leave the house to write was that if I’d stayed … well, my dad would have come home and I’d have probably put in a movie and ironed all night. But it was only just after 7:30, so I walked over to the Starbucks by 8, got home a little after 10:30, watched my dad play Halo 2 for a while while I folded some laundry, and now I’m posting this. Reasonably good day.

And that’s about that. Tomorrow, work. Then meeting with the writing group, which should be good. Then sleep, then work, then who knows what?

Oh, and yesterday I took my bike in to a bike shop to get a tuneup/overhaul. I should have it back next Friday. And then we shall see how riding it to work and around works out. Time is a funny thing, but I have confidence that everything will work out. And now, I’ve got a bit of laundry to deal with before I can sleep. So. Good night.

One more thing: The .PDF of the story-so-far has been updated, and is available for the low-low price of $0.35. You should read it. It may make more sense if you’ve read Book One, but that’s available as a $5 e-book or a $15 paperback, so … no problem, right?

Anyway, laundry.

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