Something Strange – 2 way integration

So, after years and years and years, I’ve finally gone and created a LiveJournal account, much to my chagrin. Should be able to comment reasonably on other people’s LJs, as well as (if they grant me access) read their “friends only” posts without … behaving badly to do so. I have also managed to make at least one module for MT-LJ integration work, such that new posts (actually any posts I manually hit “Save” in, going forward) will automatically be cross-posted there. Comments are closed there, instead linking back to individual entries here on my own site, so that a single conversation thread occurs, and on a site I control.

I say 2-way integration, because having Modern Evil post to LJ is new, but having LJ entries appear on ME is old – and coming back, soonish. I’ve got to make a few changes to the scripting, not more than a few minutes’ work, but I’ve also got to draw a new variation of ‘flower’ to correspond to external sites, and I don’t feel like it right now. I’m tired.

Actually frankly, I just walked back to the computer after what looks like … over 6 hours… to finish an dpost this post. I have no idea what I was going to say. Whatever. I’m going to go … probably sit at my other computer for a couple of hours before I actually sleep. I’m dumb that way sometimes.

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